Boulder Farmer’s Market


Since I’ll be missing out on next week’s farmer’s market here in Denver (due to bachelorette shenanigans on the East Coast), I decided to hit up the farmer’s market up in Boulder this past Saturday, to see how that one compares to the Cherry Creek and City Park markets. BoulderFarmersMarket1

Needless to say, the Boulder market kicks ass, particularly the ass of the Cherry Creek and City Park markets. Admittedly, for those not well-versed in Colorado cultural groups, Boulder is basically ground zero for hippies in our great state. It fits that their farmer’s market would be kind of off the hook. However, what surprised me is that it is so off the hook so early in the season!

Seriously, there were at least 50 stands at this farmer’s market, compared to the 10 we see here in Denver. There were probably 20-25 produce vendors there, as opposed to the one here. And the produce vendors were offering all sorts of culinary goodies – the requisite spinach, arugula, radishes, etc., but they also offered fresh herbs, sunchokes, and “egyptian walking onions.” I have no idea what they are, but they looked like a cross between a green onion and a shallot.

BoulderFarmersMarket_onionsAfter drooling over the fresh veggies at the market, I strolled through town, and spotted these gorgeous tulips on the Boulder Downtown Mall.

And to finish off a really delightful morning, I stopped at Lucille’s to get a hot beignet and a cup of coffee. The beignet didn’t make it to pictures.

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10 thoughts on “Boulder Farmer’s Market

  1. Yay bachelorette shenanigans! Besties Weekend 2009 is going to kick ass. Also, I discovered a new market that I’m going to take you too – lots of organic local produce. You’re going to love it. It other news, please don’t refer to Colorado in the possessive. Its not your state. Virginia is. Come hooooooooome!

  2. Kitchenette,
    Thank you from getting out of your town to visit Boulder County. We are proud of what we are doing at our markets and we appreciate you noticing. It is not so much the “hippies” of Boulder that make our market but the farmers that grow such great food. You can prove this by visiting the Longmont Farmers’ Market which has the same type of variety of growers. We excel as farmers’ markets because our markets are owned by the farmers which mean the farmers are the priority. We believe you should not have to question whether you are buying true fresh local food when you are at a farmers’ market. You won’t find anything that isn’t grown by that farmer at their stands, the specialty foods we put between the farmers are all produced by the company, and there is no resale at the market. This means you can be assured that what you buy is in season, fresh and local. Of course this means you cannot buy Cauliflower at our market until July, but it seems you found enough to maybe do without it until it is fresh and not flown in?

    Mark Menagh
    Executive Director
    Boulder County Farmers’ Markets

  3. i love the mountains of egyptian walking onions and french breakfast radishes! i’m envious of your morning. i want a warm beignet and coffee!

  4. BFF! I love your blog. We actually have three or four good markets in Richmond now. If you are going to be in town soon you should go. Amy and I even joined a CSA this year. Keep up with the fun posts.

    South of the James Farmers’ Market:
    Too cool to have a website

    Byrd House Market:

    St. Stephen’s Farmers’ Market:

  5. The towering corner of french breakfast radishes is a beautiful sight to behold indeed! I wish I had taken better advantage of the Farmer’s Market when I lived in Boulder… good on you for venturing out of town to try a new one out.

  6. That picture of radishes is fabulous! Looks like something out of a magazine. It makes me want to buy radishes … and I don’t like radishes!

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