Happy 2010! … And a punked-out red onion

Happy 2010, ladies and gentleman! I hope you all had very exciting plans for New Year’s Eve. I certainly did… Mr. Kitchenette and I stayed out all night and partied it up, drinking champers and going wild at the hottest bar in town.

… Just kidding. We are SO much more cool than that. We made chicken pot pies, watched the new G.I. Joe movie and went to bed at 10:30 pm. Who would pass up Channing Tatum shirtless? I rest my case.

I know, I know. We’re SUCH LOSERS. But I had to be at work on New Year’s Day at 8:15 am. Which brings me to my next point… I’ve been remiss at updating the blog lately, my dear readers, and I apologize. I’ve wanted to write you funny and witty posts, but sometimes I’m not feeling too witty after a 15-hour day at work. Hopefully my work will mellow out in the next few weeks and I’ll have more time to post, because even though I haven’t been writing about recipes, I’ve still been cooking them. And I have lots of stuff to share!

Anyhoodle, in the spirit of New Years… I made a resolution for 2010. And it’s to take more pictures of my life. I take plenty of food pictures when I’m cooking something for the blog, but not a lot of pictures of me or Mr. Kitchenette, or of our life. So this year I’ve resolved to be a part of Project365, which is a pledge to take at least 1 photo per day and share it on Flickr, a photo-sharing website. You can follow my progress here and the food-blogger-specific Project365 here. I’m really excited for the challenge of finding something “photo-worthy” each day for a whole year. I think it will encourage me to find beauty in the little things in my life.

Like, um… today’s picture. I found this onion in the back of my cabinet. I think it may be a wee bit old. I don’t know. Something’s just telling me it’s been in my cabinet a while…. perhaps it’s the mohawk growing out of the top?


Red Onion with a Mohawk

VeggieTales: Punk Rock version


Now Playing in the Kitchenette: Vampire Weekend / Cousins

And, because it’s a new year, and we need something to get us pumped to fulfill our resolutions, enjoy this little vid:



Also, these guys seem kind of fun. Do you think they’d want to come over for pie?



What were your 2010 resolutions? Did you make any?


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5 thoughts on “Happy 2010! … And a punked-out red onion

  1. Dang I was thinking you could bring your camera to work the next few weeks and I would help you find something…then I realized we will only be working together one more day. You lucky duck…

  2. I have several new year’s resolutions … well, I originally made a list of 50 or so. Anyhoodle (guess who I learned that from!), one is to become more “social media” literate. And to think that I used to be a computer programmer back in the 80’s. The second is to find a way to get the Kitchenette to move back east. Just kidding. I would never meddle in their lives. (Oh yes I would.) Happy New Year!

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