Colt and Gray Review: OH MY STARS I’M IN LOVE


Let me say, generally… I am not a huge fan of brunch.

I mean, it’s breakfast, and I’m not usually a complicated breakfast person. I’m usually pretty good with just some yogurt and granola, so I can do pretty good breakfast at my house. Plus, brunch on a weekend is… time consuming, to say the least. Unless you hit the restaurant early enough (and let’s face it, who wants to get up super early on the weekend) you’re stuck in a long line of post-college grads that are probably still drunk from the night before.

And then after waiting in line for upwards of an hour, you get your dollar’s worth of hash browns and 30 cents of fried eggs, and then you go home and before you know it, it’s noon o’clock  and you’ve done nothing but eat breakfast. Now, as a person who cherishes every SECOND of her weekend since she works upwards of 65-70 hours at a thankless job, I’m very very conscientious about how I spend each minute of my weekend. And often times, brunch just doesn’t make the cut because it’s too damn stressful.

However, Mr. Kitchenette LOVES brunch. And because I love him, I suck it up and we go to brunch every once in a while (I know, I know… life is so tough). And we’ve been wanting to try this Colt & Gray restaurant that we had heard of a few weeks ago… and it was near our house and so we thought it might be fun to go for breakfast. And even though I wasn’t feeling brunch that day, I’m so glad I went because…

OH.MY.STARS. It was soooooooo good.

We got to the restaurant early, only a few minutes after they opened at 10 am, and there were only a few couples just sitting down for breakfast. I was overwhelmed by the decor… seriously. This place was gorgeous. Case in point:


Interior decor porn


I’m not big on drinking before noon (I have very high standards, people) so we only had decaf coffee. Which, on a side note, was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had – fresh Coda beans out of a french press with cream and sugar… boy howdy. It was a good start to the day.

Then we got down to business – the business of what we were going to order, of course. And I tried not to drool on the menu… because the menu was made of paper (if it had been laminated, I probably wouldn’t have held back).



There were SO many good choices on their menu. Um, Merguez sausage and duck fat-fried potatoes? Yes, please.

Usually I make Mr. Kitchenette pick what he’s going to have first and then I always get something different… and then I steal some of his breakfast anyways. Duh. Marriage is all about SHARING.

But this time around, I wasn’t waiting for him to make his choice. Every since I watched this season of Top Chef, I’ve totes been in LURVE with Kevin Gillespie. Basically, Kevin spent all season of Top Chef introducing the American bourgeois like myself that Pork is King. Part of his Pork 101 course was using pork belly in like 50% of his dishes. And because I was totes in love with Kevin, I’ve been wanting to try pork belly ever since.

So, suffice it to say, as soon as I saw the Roasted Long Farm Pork Belly, I was all over it. Actually, I think I might have scared the waiter with my pork belly fervor. And I was not disappointed, because this is what I was presented with:




I think my heart stopped, I was so excited to try it. Now, being a pork belly virgin, I thought it might be really fatty like bacon can sometimes be, but I was happily wrong. The top was exceedingly crispy, almost like a extra-crispy candied bacon or something. The rest of the belly was almost like pulled pork, in the way that it flaked away when you put your fork through it, but it was tender and juicy and thankfully there were no chunks of fat like I was afraid of. Beneath the pork were perfectly seasoned cranberry beans and those were topped with the perfect pair of fried eggs.

In the past, I’ve never been a fan of fried eggs… what can I say… the runny yolk always sort of tasted like baby chickens to me. But um, I have no idea what was different about these eggs (maybe they had crack in them?) but they were freaking DELICIOUS. I’ve never been happier with my breakfast.

Oh yeah, and Mr. Kitchenette got the duck confit hash. That was also amazing.




So after I got over my initial paranoia over ordering like, the most manly breakfast EVER (seriously, Mr. Kitchenette was kind of embarrassed that he ordered something that was decidedly less manly)… I fell in love with pork belly. But Mr. Kitchenette couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make fun of me and my choice all through breakfast with choice statements such as:


“That dish should come with a designated driver”

“I’m going to have to check on you this afternoon to make sure that you didn’t fall into a coma.”


And then, when I handed the dish over to him once I had eaten all I could (this is a regular occurrence when we go out, no restaurant I know serves Carter-sized portions), came this gem:


“I hope we get the check before I lose all dexterity”


Basically, it was the best breakfast we’ve ever had. Well, that I’ve ever had, but I’m pretty sure that Mr. Kitchenette agrees… especially after I let him have my leftovers.


Hmmm… I don’t think he likes it.


If you’re in the Denver area…

Colt & Gray
1553 Platte Street #120
Denver, CO 80202



Now Playing in the Kitchenette: The Broken Bells / The High Road



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4 thoughts on “Colt and Gray Review: OH MY STARS I’M IN LOVE

  1. Pork belly is so good! I can usually count on Jimmy to get it whenever it’s on the menu. I hope we can come out to Denver soon because I need some of this food porn, plus it’d be good to see you and Mr. Kitchenette :)

  2. Hello to the Kitchenette from Joel (Wellpreserved)… You don’t need to post this comment (I’m not trying to put a shameless plug in) but I was reading this post and share your near apathy for brunch but thought this looked great… I also thought it reminded me so closely of a restaurant in Toronto which also does brunch called School Bakery… School has a different theme but if you compare the 3rd last photo in the post above to the second shot you took of Colt and Gray you could convince someone it was the same place…

    Just thought that was neat.


  3. Coffee snob says to always drink coffee from a french press. It tastes about a bazillion times better. Coffee snob also says decaf is for suckers :)

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