8 thoughts on “November Can Jam | Gingered Seckel Pear Butter

  1. Oh, girl, I would probably eat sawdust if it had hollandaise on it. And DO NOT get me started on what I’d do with/for a Maltaise sauce. This is food crack, so be careful.

    As for the apple and pear butters–yum is all I can say!

  2. I’ve never had pear butter either… but hollandaise! Oh man… it’s one of my favourite things to make for myself with a couple of artichokes on my home alone watching cheesy movies nights.

    It’s ok. I was finally forced to watch Star Wars a few months ago because I hadn’t seen it and kept missing all of these pop-culture references. Eh. I miss a lot of pop culture references :).

  3. um. i too have never partaken in the fruit butters. i went to a couple of vacation bible schools with my non-catholic friends for a couple of summers and the fruit butters were a staple there. I figured it was some protestant thing and left it alone. Being Catholic is hard. You never know what is okay and not okay. Plus, it sounded weird. And looked like peanut butter. If I wanted peanut butter I would have just eaten that.

    Anyhoo– long random comment. Sorry. I would try your pear butter though. I trust you to know what’s goo. ;)

  4. Now I’m looking at you like you’ve grown two heads. I think you should make some Eggs Benedict, eat it on the couch while you’re waching your recently rented Don Juan De Marco movie. :-) By the way, this Pear Butter looks amazing. I’ve only had Apple Butter and most certainly like pears more than apples. Great photo.

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