in the kitchen

I wouldn’t say I really have a “focus” in the kitchen as I have… “preferences with wildly flexible boundaries.” I enjoy cooking lots of vegetables, beans, and whole grains but I’m not a vegetarian – I like bacon too much. I like cooking from minimally-processed ingredients, but I still like the occasional soda. I prefer cooking over baking, but I venture into cakes and tarts every once in a while.

Here’s what I’ve been cooking…

………….beans                                beverages                              breads


breakfastmcanned goodsmcondiments
………….breakfast                         canned goods                     condiments


fish and shellfishmmeat and poultrympasta
…….fish and shellfish                meat and poultry                        pasta


potatoesmsaladmsweets 1
…………..potatoes                                salad                               sweets


tapas & appetizersmvegetablesmwhole grains
…..tapas and appetizers                  vegetables                         whole grains

Take a Bite.

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